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Make the right choices.

you do what you love. we take care of the rest.

Being a professional athlete isn’t easy. It takes all the time and dedication to reach the desired level, and at the same time attention is required to take care of all other aspects of life and career. Combining these two is sometimes impossible. 

 Our mission is to help sportsmen and -women focus fully on their careers, and provide them with best help on every other aspect of life. Right sporting career moves, planning life after sporting career, financial security, education and sponsorship deals? We got it all covered for you!

360° Sports Agency

Wide knowledge and network of top clubs worldwide (Football, icehockey), and hailed experience of building top sports careers, such as Teemu Pukki (engineered his move to Schalke). We offer our customers:

Full range contract negotiations

Continuous development and career planning 

Supporting services for family/spouse

360° Work life-concept

Strategic planning and preparing for life after sporting career

Ready-made network of companies offering job opportunities, during sporting career or afterwards

Tailored educational programs for athletes in various universities/schools

360° Sponsorship

Right commercial sponsorships for your career and values, and vice versa. 

Current charity co-operations tailored for your values and views

Branded services/commercial activities tailor-made, ie.

”Footballer XX Summer Camps”

360° Alumni

Aboa Sports Alumni network offers a wide range of ex-athletes at your service, giving career advice and examples of life after sports.

Every athlete is provided with a personal Alumni member. You can be one after your career too!

Getting and giving good advice can be a life changing thing. Contact us to hear more about our Alumni services!

360° Sports club services

Aboa Sports Management has a wide range of experience and knowledge from running sports clubs at various roles.

Need help at growing your club’s co-op sales or social media followers and engagement? Want to build a solid financial background?

We offer consultation about sales models, marketing services and effective financial & administrative structures. Call us!

360° Marketing & Communications, Clubs & Associations

Aboa Sports Management has been at the forefront of sports media communications for multiple years.

As the publisher of the only Finnish football magazine (EOM-jalkapallolehti) for three years, and a wide range of communications and streaming services experience at finnish football, we can provide clubs and associations with modern communications services at all platforms.

It’s all about you. Make the right steps at the right time.

Should I go abroad early or get some games under my belt first? Should I accept that big club call, or go to a smaller club first and maybe get some proper game time?

It’s all about making the right choices. We offer our expertise and guidance, but in the end it has to be your call. It’s your career.

There is life after sports, you know.

Whether your sporting career provides you with financial security or not, there comes a time when you must embark on a new career. 

It may be an easy decision to quit, but it also may be a hard one to take. We are more than sporting agents who take care of your needs during your athlete career. We provide opportunities in life after that, and we want to be pro-active in that.

Want to know more of how to invest that hard earned money, or how to get a whole new job to provide you and your family?

We are here for you. Not just through out your sporting career, but beyond that. I’ve done it myself, now let me help you!

– Juha Reini, ex-professional footballer, entrepreneur –


Teemu Pukki, Joona Toivio…

We have helped many athletes build their careers. Want to be the next one?


We have a broad network of companies at your service, ready to take you onboard and start a new business career. Let us know what you would be interested in and we will find a new career path.